Adkins Wood and Knife creates functional utilitarian concepts designed and crafted employing traditional and re-purposed materials.  All creations are individually conceived and fabricated using self-taught techniques and time honored methodology.

Wes Adkins has crafted custom edge tools for over a decade.  W. Adkins blades can be found in the hands of hunters, outdoorspeople, collectors, and EDC clientele.  In addition Wes has had the great honor of creating edge tools for our great nation’s Special Operators, Special Forces, and standard duty armed forces.  W. Adkins knives and edge tools are in use from the mountains of Alaska, to the fjords of Norway, to the Horn of Africa, and the rugged highlands of Afghanistan.  W.Adkins edge tools are formed to individual user specifications and purposefully built to heirloom quality. W. Adkins blades and tools are crafted for persons who live and breathe the land. Wes Adkins actively participates in nearly each activity for which his knives are crafted, so rest assured Wes is in tune with an individual’s request.  Every detail is considered with each benchmade knife or tool as they are meticulously created by hand.  Knives and tools are specifically focused on full tang fixed blade designs and are resolutely built to suit each client’s lifestyle.  Every handle profile is shaped for the most incredible experience and is fit to the contours of one’s fingers and hand.  Some blade creations have origins in re-purposed U.S.A. Steel saw bar stock sourced exclusively from Cannon Barworks of Vancouver, British Columbia.  Most blades are created from the most high end stainless steels (particle and powder metallurgy) and high performance high speed tool steels available.

R&D While edge tools are the primary focus of AW&K, woodcrafting research and design services are available to bring conceptual ideas to fruition.  Whether the idea involves traditional woodworking, 200 year-old black walnut stumps, or anything in-between, AW&K strives to breath life into your vision.

– Furniture designs concentrate on simplistic strength.  Exposed joinery coupled with massive structure and blends of wood and metals highlight many pieces.  All furniture based creations are built to withstand generational usage.  Adkins Wooden Furniture is fashioned to last a lifetime.

 -Log creations unify artistic beauty and craftsmanship with absolute functionality.  Adkins Log Works utilize unique materials to devise structures allowing visibility into year’s past and unparalleled magnificence.  All log works are one off creations born from the desire to reclaim exquisite discarded resources.

Adkins Wood and Knife continually strives to produce conceptual designs promoting creative boundaries.  For additional information relating to project design, time-frame and availability, or pricing, please feel free to contact with specific inquiry.