Every creation arising from the shop of AW&K is custom.  Your ordering experience is nothing short of custom as well.  Please feel free to contact me with ideas about your interests and let us work together to make your ideas and concepts a reality.

Edge Tools – Knife pricing begins at $350-$400 for average sized custom work.  Custom 3/8″ thick Tomahawks and hand axes begin at $600 while 1/4″ thick custom designs start at $450.  Large blades, machetes, swords, are priced accordingly. Additional options are listed below.

Deposit – 1/2 of entire project cost is due prior to any custom blade work beginning.  This first half  is non-refundable.  The remaining balance is due within 30 days of completion.  If the project is not paid in full within the first 30 days, AW&K retains the blade, and has the right to offer for sale on the open market.

  • Many styles include skinners, capers, bowie, cleaver, fillet, tanto, tactical and new concepts are available for creation.
  • High end stainless steels, rugged high speed tool steels, and impact resistant steels are available for all creations.
  • Custom molded Holstex and Kydex sheaths available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
  • Handle scales crafted from wood, synthetics such as Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Micarta & G10, and natural materials such as Antler and Bone.
  • Blade finishes including polished, Black Magnetite, Gunmetal Grey, and Cerakote in a variety of colors.
  • Scale fasteners including rivets, brass pins, carbon fiber rod and tubing, Mosaic Tubing, stainless screws, and chain link bolt.

Woodcrafts & Logworks – Estimates to create woodcrafts and logworks will be delivered after conversation about each intended project.  We will take your ideas to refine concepts into sketches and develop creation pricing based upon those initial ideas.