About Adkins Wood & Knife

Wes Adkins has been creating custom knives and edge tools in western Iowa for nearly two decades. What started out as a desire to create a hand-crafted gift for Father’s Day, evolved into a passion, to construct some of the burliest hard-use tools available for the discerning user. The demand for custom tools built to client specifications designed to exceed expectations became the impetus for Adkins Wood & Knife.

AW&K blades are found in the hands of hunters, outdoorspeople, collectors, law enforcement officers and every day carry (EDC) clientele.  Additionaly, AW&K has had the great honor of creating edge tools for members of each branch of our great nation’s armed forces.    AW&K edge tools are crafted to individual user specifications and purposefully built to heirloom quality. AW&K blades and tools are crafted for persons who live and breathe the land and whose lives depend on their daily tools. 

Wes actively participates in nearly each activity for which his knives are crafted, so rest assured Wes is in tune with your requests and needs.  All hand-crafted knives and tools are specifically focused on full tang fixed blade designs and are resolutely built to suit your lifestyle.  Every handle profile is shaped for the most incredible user experience conforming to the contours of your fingers and hand.  

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