Hand-Crafted Custom Knives and Edge Tools

Wes Adkins has been creating custom knives and edge tools in western Iowa since 2003. What started out as a desire to create a hand-crafted gift for Father’s Day evolved to a passion to construct the burliest hard-use tools available for discerning users. 

Designed for Those Who Live and Breathe the Land

AW&K knives and edge tools are in use from the mountains of Alaska, to the fjords of Norway, to the Horn of Africa, the rugged highlands of Afghanistan and places in-between.

Custom Designs

Custom edge tool design and fabrication. 100% crafted in the USA. High end tools built for the uncompromising client demanding hard-use never-fail hardware. I believe in burly rugged durability both in life and my tools. Function, fit and feel are paramount. My tools will feel as if an extension of your body and are crafted to work harder than you do. 

wes adkins, adkins wood and knife

Heirloom Quality Crafstmanship

AW&K edge tools are crafted to individual user specifications and purposefully built to heirloom quality. AW&K blades and tools are crafted for persons who live and breathe the land and whose lives depend on their daily tools.

Excellence Assured

Wes has been hand-crafting edge tools for more than a decade and testimonials prove that he’s a master at his craft. Read from clients to see for yourself.