Custom Portfolio

On these pages, you will find examples of previous projects in several categories.


These blades are created specifically for hunting applications. Blades are typically taller with a deep sweeping belly for field processing and skinning. Additional options such as gut hooks, serrations, and positive grip thumb jimping are always available.


These blades are crafted to work as hard as you do and trudge forward strong. Blades are typically taller, thicker, and more robust than other blades. Optional features such as serrations, line cutters, lanyard holes, thumb jimping and ample striking surfaces are always available upon request.


These blades are built for the uncompromising operator who has no option for failure. Blade configurations such as Tantos, Push-Daggers, Karambits and micro ultra-concealable blades are all available in this category. These blades are built to survive when your life truly depends on them.


These blades are the workhorses for the well versed individual needing  coverage for a multitude of tasks. From the backwoods, to the kitchen and beyond.


These tools are created for the hard-hitting impact world of Hand Axes, Tomahawks, Machetes, Cleavers and Swords. If your activities require a tool that excels in splitting kindling, to breaching, to close quarter personal defense, you will find a tool to fit your needs here.


Custom Ordering Process

Every creation arising from the shop of AW&K is custom.  Your ordering experience is nothing short of custom as well.  Please feel free to contact me with ideas about your interests and let us work together to make your ideas and concepts a reality. Remember, imagination is our only limitation!