Custom Portfolio | Commissioned and Sold

Your Custom Experience Starts Here

Every creation arising from the shop AW&K is custom. Your ordering experience should be nothing short of custom as well.

From beginning to end, Wes made my vision come to life. He sent me photos of the progress while asking my input. I could not be more happy with the craftsmanship and attention to detail with my Adkins Wood & Knife sword. – S. Rojas

Ordering & Pricing Details

Below are commissioned and sold pieces. Each blade was customized to the customer’s specifics and can be used to inspire your next creation. Remember to prioritize functionality and ergonomics alongside aesthetics when discussing your custom blades. Each element should contribute to the overall quality and usability of the knife. And most importantly, let’s have fun and let your creativity flow!


Precise tools to aid in all your culinary adventures. Premium steels, exotic handle materials and comforting ergonomics aid in creating your next indulgent masterpiece.


Blades built for the uncompromising client with no option for failure.  These blades are designed and crafted to survive when your life truly depends on them.


These blades are designed and crafted for your next outdoor adventure. Rugged durability is blended with ergonomics essential for big game hunts to saltwater excursions and everywhere in-between.


These tools are created for the high impact world of Hand Axes, Cleavers, and Swords. Balancing heft with beauty.


These blades are crafted to take a beating and trudge forward strong. Blades are typically taller, thicker, and more robust than other designs. Built to perform when you need it most.


These blades are the workhorses for the well versed individual needing  coverage for a multitude of tasks. From the backwoods, to the kitchen and beyond.