M. Aksela –

Wes is a true master of creating functional art – his pieces are each unique but also showcase his own style, use high quality materials and have fantastic ergonomics, too. Add to all that the fact that he is truly awesome to work with, taking input and coming up with amazing designs that consistently exceed all expectations and I certainly look forward to many more amazing projects and highly recommend his work!

R. Mullen –

I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing six custom knives from Adkins Wood & knife over the years, and each one has exceeded my expectations in every way. His craftsmanship is truly exceptional, and it’s clear that he pours his pay and skill into every detail of his work. Not only are the knives beautifully designed to my satisfaction, but they are also incredibly functional and durable. I use them daily and they have never failed to impress me with their performance. Beyond the outstanding quality of his products, Wes Adkins provides top-notch customer service. He is attentive,responsive, and always goes above and beyond to ensure that his customers are satisfied. I can’t recommend Wes and his custom knife business highly enough. If you’re looking for a unique and high quality knife crafted with care and precision, look no further.

Thank you for consistently delivering exceptional work!

P. McElvaney –

A solid handmade knife. Conjured up by a lumberjack. I was one of his first customers, years ago. Been telling everyone about my hunting knife. It’s solid, meaty knife that sharpens up nicely.

S. Rojas –

From beginning to end Wes made my vision come to life. He sent me photos of the progress while asking my input. I could have not be more happy with the craftsmanship and attention to detail in with my Adkins Wood & Knife sword.

B. Ryan –

Wes is an amazing artist who creates some of the most beautiful and rugged tools out there. I have 4 blades designed and created by Wes, and they are some of the best and coolest blades in my collection. Wes is able to create custom tools to your specifications and standards. Well worth the cost.

J. Koury –

Wes is awesome to work with. I have 2 knives he built for me. The ulu is my favorite.

B. Goodyear –

I have had 8 knives made here. They are top tier in quality, handmade originals. Some were made to order but best work comes when you turn an artist loose. First class, highly recommend this master knifemaker. He is also one of the nicest guys in the business.

C. Sharp –

Highly recommend. An absolute artist on his projects! Own several and wouldn’t change a thing.

J. Bellows –

I have worked with Adkins Wood & Knife numerous times over the last 5 years. Each and every project has turned out amazing. The attention to detail and level of craftsmanship is top notch.

O. Dashner –

Wes creates works of art with his blades. You truly have to see and feel to understand the quality and painstaking detail that goes into each piece, and the durability is top notch. Wes is a also great guy who cares about his customers and vendors. Top notch people here!

S. O’Dowd –

My testament to the knives Wes custom made for me over the years has strangely led to a lot of emotion. Wes has been my ‘go to’ man for every single oddball blade request I have ever made and has always come through. I’ve even asked for knives I could get through metal detectors. During my military career in special operations command, I have needed survival knives on my gun belt, concealed knives for some low-vis operations and later in law enforcement for daily duties. I have not walked out of the door without one of Wes’s knives strapped to me. I count on his knives to bring me safely home to my family when all else has failed. He has been a huge part of my sense of security in being willing to go into harm’s way and always know I have a plan. His knives have been trained and fought with at Dog Brothers Martial Arts camps where even Guru Mark (Crafty Dog) Denny complimented on them. They have been on my side in survival and bushcraft training with Hakim Isler and at SERE-C school. They have been with me representing Team America in the Middle East and Eastern Europe during deployments. They have been on me during stops with armed and dangerous criminals. Every time I come home to my family those knives played a part in it. If you are looking for a knife your life can depend on by a guy who actually cares about every one of his customers, you need to get your knife from Adkins Wood and Knife.

G. Swanson –

Where do I begin? I have had 8 or 9 blades custom built to my specs. From custom skinning knives done for friends and given to them on our hunting trip to a hatched and multiple other blades. It is the personal touches that have me always coming back. I suggest Wes when people ask about custom blades. Keep up the greatness my friend.

T. Nelson –

I used my first custom from you as an EDC and for deer season. It made quick work on the deer. Very well built. I had intentions for my second blade to be used for camping, but it ended up in the kitchen! I cannot say enough good things about the quality of craftmanship and the kindness of Wes. I love how he will name the knife and the time he takes to package it up. I see more knives in the future but need to figure out what is next!

J. Hedgcock-

I’ve bought several knives from Wes and every single one is amazing. From custom skinners to chef’s knives, you won’t find an easier artist to work with. The impeccable blade and attention to detail are second to noneCummings

B. Cummings

I work with an amazing group of guys who gave me a gift certificate for Christmas. I contacted Wes to throw some ideas his way. He was very interested in what I wanted him to build. I was able to give him the purpose of the knife (hunting) and basic style/shape. Beyond that, and after looking at pictures of his work, I really wanted to let him work is magic, and he did exactly that! What an awesome tool I have to carry with me as I am hunting. It will be cherished and passed on to a family member to continue making memories (when my days come to a close!!) This knife will travel with me this spring into the turkey woods as well and will be perfect for that task also! Thank you to my shift and thank you Wes!

R. Dewaele –

Wes, thanks so much for making me this amazing knife. The wood is from a red bud tree my grandfather planted 100 years ago. This was the only salvageable piece in the entire tree. Turning you, your craftsmanship, and imagination loose culminated in this now family heirloom.

J. Lewellen – 

Best knife I have ever owned! It was custom made for me and he did an amazing job. I am definitely getting another one made!

B. Applegate

Wanted to give you an update of my knife of every day usage. It gets used as a pry bar, deburring tool, wire cutter, screw driver, and digs in the dirt. I still haven’t resharpened it from the first time. It’s by far the best knife I’ve ever had. I usually would wear out or break 2 knives in the amount of time I’ve had this one.

 C. Damgaard – 

Craftsmanship is second only to how Wes is as a person. Beautifully created bladework and an inspiration to my son who’s a 14 year old aspiring bladesmith. Thank you for a fantastic piece!

G. Hart –

Amazing workmanship! Knows his metallurgy and the fit and finish are amazing.

Muggs –

Wes has made multiple items for me. He consults to what my desire is and always outperforms expectations. I am a monthly buyer of anything he makes. Only place to go for the highest quality from a true professional.

J. Heitman 

Wes, has done quite a few things for not only myself, but close friends. I have been impressed with the quality of craftsmanship as well as the turn around time from custom order to being shipped. Truly great work and awesome products from Adkins Wood and Knife.

From @HISS13 and Heitman International Solutions & Services

C. Rountree 

I just received my first knife from Wes, and can not begin to say how happy I am with it.

This knife fits in my hand like a extension of my arm, its so sturdy, the craftsmanship is unbelievable there’s no doubt that this knife is a fantastic tool, and one to pass on to my family one day.

I was hesitant about spending this amount of money on a knife and can easily say it is worth far more. 
If you’re considering it, do it you will not regret having a quality knife from him.

Yesterday my knife from Wes Adkins saved me from getting seriously injured. While working in 5 ft sea’s trying to free up a customers boat, unable to untie the knot the knife cut through in 2 passes getting me from in-between my work boat and the customers. It saved me from harm and possible damage to both the boats. In only 30 seconds the knife earned it’s keep.

T. Swanson 

Adkins Wood and Knife makes only top notch blades I would not hesitate to go to battle with to defend my life or that of loved ones. I look forward to sharing these creations with my readers.

B. Hargrave 

Wes is amazing! We have had him make 3 really cool custom knives, and they far exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be getting more in the future!! Thanks Wes!

C. Froude 

A pleasure from initial thoughts on design to final idea and production. High quality workmanship and I am already discussing future projects.

T. Burkum 

Wes makes a top of the line product for the hardcore blade collector. Every aspect is custom made to be used for fun, work or self defense. He’s a great man with a great business!

N. Ortiz 

Wes is a true craftsman! His work is top notch and I am so excited to continue having him create new masterpieces for my collection!! He’s the Man!!!

J. Walker 

Thanks Wes Adkins this beast is awesome. Have carried everyday since receipt in the mail. This is a bad mother f’r…  This is a tool. Used to demo majority of house. Chisel, hammer, screwdriver and cutting tool. Wes Adkins Supa fat tanto is a badass. Zifinit steel is badass. Coax cable no problem, not even a chip in cutting edge. Best blade I’ve ever owned. No exaggeration.

T. Sales –

Thanks Wes! I haven’t had a chance to Thank You for the WONDERFUL knife! I carry it everyday except when I board a plane:) It is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship! I am blessed to be able to own a custom piece!

D. Hirschman –

Hey Wes!  I hope you and your beautiful family had a wonderful holiday. Oh my gosh! I wish I’d recorded their reactions. They were both absolutely floored by their knives! My brother almost cried (although he would deny it in a very manly way).  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You made our Christmas even more special. Thanks again!

Anonymous –

After much anticipation I finally got to open my ‘worth the wait’ gift.  Brother, I have a lot of knives.  I’ve had some fairly legit formal training with them as well.  This is the finest blade I own.  It has earned a place of honor on my duty belt and will get a front row seat to fighting crime.

N. Norton –

Wes, you are a genius!  This holster is the single greatest thing I have ever bought…it’s absolutely perfect.  You have no idea, it runs better than I thought it even could…it’s literally perfect!!!

J. Vu –

Wes is a true master at his craft and it shows in his work. I commissioned a gun box for a friend that I consider a brother that served in Afghanistan with me and it came out better than I anticipated. I wanted the box to look a certain way and Wes professionally guided me though the process.  He gave his input on what would look the best and the final product he presented me is a piece of art. This man makes killer knives and is good with his wood. I would highly recommend him

M. Vnuk –

Thank you Wes, this is the most Bad-ass blade that I own, yet! What a true piece of art my friend, you’ll never see another Tanto this cool again. If anyone is looking for a custom one off designed blade check out his page. https://www.facebook.com/AdkinsWoodandKnife/. I can’t wait for my next project to be done.

T. Hoaglund –

I love Wes’s knives. They fit your hand naturally with their unique form. The knives hold up very well to usage, and the sheaths are top notch! I am a proud owner of 5 of his knives, each very different from the next, and each fill a need perfectly. I chose natural wood for my handles, and they all are works of art. Wes is extremely easy to work with, and is great at communicating with the purchaser during each step of the process. I trade knives all the time, but not these. They are keepers!

D. Thomas –

I recently had the opportunity to have a new friend make a blade for me. The quality, craftsmanship, and skill of the blade speaks for itself. If any of you need a blade of any kind, I suggest you contact Adkins Wood and Knife.

R. L. –

After seeing some of Wes’ other custom knives, I contacted him to see if he would craft a knife to serve a dual purpose – here in the field and fly fishing back home.

I am extremely pleased with the process and end result.  I deferred to Wes’ expertise and artistry.  He crafted the Upland Angler, which perfectly fits my need and connects the knife to my home with some very old Oak salvaged from from our farm.  His work is extraordinary.  Thanks Wes!

R. F. –

“From the initial inquiry to receiving the finished product, Wes was very responsive, provided creative insight and kept me informed throughout the entire process. For those on the fence about buying, I can testify that this is the best hunting knife I’ve ever used. I highly recommend it and will certainly order from him again”

C. Kalisch –

Wes… This thing is a work of art. I absolutely love it! Thank you for your attention to detail and working with me on it. You added quite a few organic elements to the design that I didn’t fully appreciate till I had in my hands. It feels great!

M Gottsch –

Truly had a great experience having Wes design and create a blade for myself. Craftsmanship was perfect!  Wes was very prompt replying back about questions and concerns. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family! Love my new bull pup fixed blade!

K. Lare –

If you want a one-of-a-kind gift that is a work of art you could display in your home or take out in the field with great functionality, Wes is your man.  The machete I ordered for my Dad was very impressive.  It is amazing what Wes can do with a retired chain saw bar.  Hand crafted with a razor sharp blade.  This is a blade my Dad will be proud to own for many years.

The Foldens –

To Wes Adkins, at Adkins Wood & Knife. I just want to thank you again, so much, for the amazing set of knives you made my husband for his birthday! I have to admit it is not easy to impress Kent, and you most definitely did. I don’t see that big of a smile on his face very often,so I am very grateful and pleased when I do! I know you saw the pictures I posted but what you didn’t see was the 2 hours he sat at the table just admiring the craftsmanship of each and everyone of them. Not only are the knives beautifully made, it was a joy to work with you. From the first email to the last you were so friendly and helpful. Even though I only had a general idea of what I was going for, you listened to me and then came up with something more amazing than I could have imagined. You have some amazing talent and you put it into each and every one of the knives you make! I am honored to have a piece (well 6 pieces) of your amazing work and I know that anyone who is lucky enough to find you will be very pleased with your work.

Sincerely two very happy customers,

Kirsten and Kent Folden

D. Nelson – 

I received the Patch Knife and it’s PERFECT!! I absolutely love it! I have no other words… Everything about it is just perfect. The shape, the size, the fit, the balance…… Perfect and GORGEOUS!! Thank you so much!

D.C. Lutz – LüTZCo Creative House

“I have known Wes for years and have always admired his creative mind. As my son’s 4th birthday approached, I contacted Adkins Wood and Knife to request a custom built toy box. I wanted something simple, sturdy and unique.  I gave Wes this basic idea and that was all he needed.    Wes has an innate ability to really listen to his customers and know what they are asking for, even if they are not sure themselves.  What came out of his shop exceeded my expectations.  Wes crafted a cleanly designed, functionally stout piece choosing maple for its lasting durability.  He gave it a beautifully applied two color stain finish which is no small feat when it comes to maple.  That was six years ago and the toy box has been stood on, sat on, drawn on, fought on, stacked on, spilled on and slid across the floor countless times (it has also been used to store toys).  It still looks and functions like the day Wes delivered it.   Wes is a craftsman, no doubt.  More importantly, he is a good man who has a passion for what he does and the people he does it for.  That is what makes him an artist and we are lucky to have one of his pieces in our home.  I would recommend Wes to anyone who needs help taking an idea from concept to fruition.”

J. Fox Jr.

“When I commissioned my Tactical Tomahawk from Adkins Wood and Knife I did so with quite a bit of confidence and anticipation.

I had confidence in Wes Adkins’ commitment to quality, having seen, and been impressed by, his work across a variety of mediums, for years.  Wes’s artistic vision and workmanship has allowed previously used wood and metal materials to be fashioned into works of art that have a second life as toys, tools, and heirlooms. I had confidence his workmanship could turn anything into an awesome treasure.

I had anticipation because I was ordering an “idea”…. a “never built before” Tactical Tomahawk.  The reclaimed raw material that inspired Wes to create “something with a bigger blade” was recently donated by one of his many friends and that got Wes to dreamin’.  I trusted Wes to design and build my Tomahawk like he was building one for himself.

My trust was put into good hands.

My confidence and anticipation were immediately rewarded when I saw the wooden handled ‘hawk, the blade cheek polished like a fine mirror, having the practical design of a fearsome weapon and reliable tool.

The oil finished Bubinga wood is riveted to the full tang tomahawk handle in seamless fashion. The finished joint where the wood meets metal is perfect.

As a history buff with a keen appreciation for craftsmanship, I’ve collected some handmade works that are museum quality and this one of a kind Tactical Tomahawk was all that I could have hoped for.  It’s a tribute to “old school” craftsmanship with a futuristic design that includes a war spike on the poll of the blade.  It’s sturdy and well balanced, but it’s unlikely I’ll be throwing this beauty at a target any time soon.

I’m very proud to be the current steward of this future heirloom.”

Bill Challenger – President of Cannon Bar Works, British Columbia

“I got the “Cannon” two hours ago and just got home. You are an artist Wes, the knife is a thing of beauty!   The weight and balance are remarkable.  I have it in my hand and it feels like it belongs there. Perfect for my fishing.  Thank you so much.”

“I just got back from my fishing trip and the Cannon was put to good use.  It’s a great design for this application.  Exactly what I wanted.  It was a pleasure to use and performed beyond expectation!”


“I was looking for the perfect father’s day gift for my dad. I contacted Wes Adkins and he said he could definitely make the perfect knife that my dad would love! And he did. The ‘Defender” knife was beautiful and arrived at my door wrapped in a beautiful leather wrapping. When my dad opened his gift he was literally speechless. Thank you Wes for making the perfect gift for my father!!”

Jeff Parness – Founder & Chairman – New York Says Thank You Foundation – New York City

“Wes Adkins’ craftsmanship reflects his genuine and deep passion for the art of woodworking and his deep respect for the form and function of his creations and the natural materials he is privileged to use in order to create and inspire. From the hand made knife he presented to me at the Little Sioux Scout Camp that I cherish at many levels, to the presentation box he crafted to present a Navajo Eagle Feather to the 9/11 Memorial Museum as part of our Foundation’s transfer of possession of The National 9/11 Flag, Wes Adkins is truly leaving a mark on this world through his inspired craft and devotion to the art of woodworking.”

Brad Wilken – Wilken Studios

“Wes,  I just received the knife in the mail yesterday and I have to say, amazing work!  Robust blade, man I love it.  Love the smoke steel on it and it fits my hand like a glove.  Thanks again!!”

Adam Thien – Thien Farm Management 

“I tasked Wes to create 3 blades using raw materials that had special meaning to my family and I, so they could be given as gifts. The finished product was 3 beautiful blades that were all unique, yet shared a common theme. These blades ended up being the perfect gift for my father, who shows them off every chance he gets. I could not have been happier with the end product or experience of working with Wes.”

Chance & Emily Chestnut –

“Words and pictures cannot express the beauty of the “HC” – you definitely have to see it & hold it to appreciate it! Wes really outdid himself on this one. From first contact with Wes to design, production, shipping – he has been wonderful to work with. He kept me involved every step of the way & even personally called after we received the knife. If you are looking for a custom, unique gift for someone (or even yourself!!) get in touch with Wes – you will not regret it. His work is amazing and top quality. We will definitely be working with him over and over again in the near future!”

Ginger DeCavitch –

“Santa went to Council Bluffs to find this custom skinning knife for Jeff DeCavitch designed by craftsman Wes Adkins! The blade is made if chainsaw bar from Canada and is the perfect skinning knife.  He was so surprised!  When he gripped the handle he said it felt perfect!  He loves the blade!  An all-time favorite from Santa!  So great to have friends with such talent and skill.”

Mike Conway – 

“I wanted a gift for my brother’s 40th birthday that really meant something.  It was awesome being able to have a good friend make such an important gift.  Wes worked with me every step of the way, and the end result was priceless.  My brother said it is one of the greatest gifts he has ever received.  Thank you Wes for putting so much care and effort into it!”

Start your custom experience now!!!