Custom Ordering & Pricing

Every creation arising from the shop of AW&K is custom.  Your ordering experience should be nothing short of custom as well. Start your custom experience now by contacting me with ideas about your interests and specifications.  Each project is one of one. I do NOT have any specific models. When you recieve your blade know it is the only one in existence. Let us work together to make your ideas and concepts a reality. Remember, imagination is our only limitation!

Edge Tools – Knife pricing begins at $500-$575 for average sized custom work.  Chef knives begin at $565-$625. Custom hand axes begin at $850. Large blades, swords, and cleavers are priced accordingly per project. Additional options are listed below. Custom laser engraving is available for each project and will be quoted indiviually. Design, materials, build complexity and finish will determine final creation quote from the base build price.

Deposit – 1/2 of entire project cost is due prior to any custom blade work beginning for new clientele.  This first half is NON-REFUNDABLE.  The remaining balance is due within 30 days of completion.  If the project is not paid in full within 30 days of completion, AW&K retains the blade and has the right to offer for sale to the general public.


Depending on your end game needs, you will benefit from one type of steel over another. Please take the time to investigate some steels I prefer to use and decide what characteristics suit you best. Other steels not listed below such as Damascus, Crucible Super Steels and a variety of others are always available upon request.

  • N690/N695 – Powder Metallurgy Steels. Good edge holding and stain resistance. Works well at high Rockwell Hardness.
  • Elmax/M390/M398 – Powder metallurgy steels. High wear resistance and corrosion resistance at high working Rockwell hardness.
  • CPM20CV – Powder metallurgy steel. High wear resistance and corrosion resistance at high working Rockwell hardness with better than average ease of sharpening.
  • Z-FiNit/Vanax – High Nitrogen Alloy Tool steel. Refined micro structure steel, nearly 100% corrosion resistance, durable and high working Rockwell hardness.
  • M4 – High Speed Tool Steel. Extremely superior toughness at high hardness, wear resistance and edge retention without brittleness. Only true caveat its lower percentages of chromium as it is not stainless.
  • D2 – High chromium tool steel. Good corrosion resistance and edge holding. Relatively good toughness.
  • S7/8670/Z-Tuff – Ultra shock resistant steels. Not corrosion resistant but excellent impact steel.
  • 52100/5160/80CrV2 – Lower alloy steels. Very tough, great torsional and fatigue strength, but not corrosion resistant. Good impact steel.

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Steel Finishes

Depending on your steel choice a multitude of finishing options are available to enhance and protect your custom creation.

  • RAW – Mainly on high chromium steels, this finish will showcase the steel on the face of the blade in its most primal fashion. Elements of the raw steel will be left on the face giving the face a ‘well worn’ appearance.
  • Satin/Brushed – Subdued and low reflectivity are key features of this finish. Millions of microscopic ‘scratches’ blend together to form the silky-smooth satin appearance.
  • Cerakote – High temperature ceramic coating in nearly any color. This is a very durable coating and used to maximize anti-reflectivity while improving the quality of blade life. As this is a coating it WILL develop wear marks with usage of the blade or tool over time.
  • Cold-Blued – For use on non-stainless blades and tools to produce a ‘Smokey Grey’ surface slightly enhancing the immediate corrosion resistance of those steels.
  • Black Magnetite – Somewhat similar to Cold Bluing, this process is achieved at higher temperatures in specialized chemical immersion for non-stainless steels, producing a dark and more corrosion resistant surface finish.

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Handle Scale Material

Nearly as important as the steel used on each tool is the handle material accompanying the blade to compliment the style and usage.

  • Wood/Stabilized Wood – Beautiful domestic and exotic woods of nearly every variety are available upon request. When possible, stabilized wood will be used to reduce the opportunity for expansion/contraction with weather fluctuations or introduction of liquid.
  • G10 – A high-pressure fiberglass laminate favored for its high strength, low moisture absorption, and chemical resistance. Excellent material in all temperatures and humidity conditions. Available in a vast variety of colors and combinations.
  • Kevlar – High tensile strength-to-weight ratio, up to 5 times stronger than steel, works well in all environments and temperatures.
  • Carbon Fiber – Extremely strong and light fiber reinforced resin based plastic containing carbon fibers. Works well in all environments and temperatures.
  • Antler/Horn/Bone – Wonderful for a natural or rustic appearance. Many varieties, species, and textures are available upon request.
  • Micarta – Resin impregnated fabrics including canvas, burlap,linen and paper under high pressures creating a stable material in a variety of colors.

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 Scale Fastener Options

Securing your custom handle scales to the tool properly with strength and beauty is a key component of the overall package.

  • Carbon Fiber/G10 pins and tubing – For use with most synthetic handles. Helps to create a mono-structure with the addition of epoxy binding resins.
  • Copper Rod – Beautiful with darker woods and collector pieces.
  • Titanium pins and tubing – Optimum stain resistance used often on dive knives or in brutal conditions.
  • Stainless Steel pins and tubing – Beautiful, clean, seamless fasteners universally attractive in most applications.
  • Brass pins – Excellent pairing with multiple wooden handle scales.
  • Mosaic Tubing – Intricate patterns beautifully enhance high end blades for both collectors and users.
  • Chain Ring Bolts – Absolute BEASTS for the most solid handle adhesion for maximum difficult conditions. Often used in conjunction with carbon fiber pins and tubing.

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Now that you have your custom blade, it needs a safe place for carry and deployment. Several options are available to protect your tool and keep it close at hand.

  • Thermomolded Holstex or Kydex – Thermomolded sheaths protect the blade on your person with solid retention not allowing the blade to ‘accidentally’ become dislodged from the sheath. Each sheath is crafted specifically to the tool. They are not mass produced. These sheaths are slim and wonderful for a multitude of applications.
  • Handcrafted Leather – Each sheath is meticulously hand crafted and hand stitched by Caleb Kalisch. Machines are not used to stitch these heirloom sheaths together. Depending on the setup, Caleb will waterform or mold each sheath to the individual tool using only the highest-grade leathers and componentry.
  •  Carry styles/positioning, attachment options – Depending on your intended purpose sheaths can be built to carry in a variety of ways. Standard sheaths for pack, pocket, or purse are built without loops for attachment. Thermomolded sheaths do have eyelets for leashing points with that configuration. If loops or other attachment points are needed the sheaths can then be setup to be carried in vertical, horizontal, cross-draw, small-of-the-back, or inside the waistband (IWB). In addition, other attachment setups such as Discreet Carry Concepts, Ulti-Clip, Molle, TeK Lok, Pull-the-Dot, Ballistic Nylon or other variations are available to suit.

Start your custom experience now!!!

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