Product Care Instructions

As with any tool, its productivity and longevity are only as good as the maintenance it receives from its owner. Below are some recommendations to optimize your tool for many moons to come.

  • It is important to keep your edge tool as dry as possible. Wipe clean and dry when you are able. Most stainless steels are fairly easy to upkeep. High carbon steels and tool steels require a little more care. Maintain the steel with a light wiping of mineral oil or gun oil. Denatured alcohol and fine steel wool will help to remove any light corrosion that may occur due to not keeping the blade dry when possible.
  • Edge tools with synthetic handle materials can be revived with a light coat of linseed oil followed quicly by wiping the handles dry with a clean lint free cloth. Edge tools with wooden handle materials may be revived with light coats of hand rubbed linseed or danish oil as well.
  • Sharpening – Light work with stones, leather stropping. Round files for gut hooks, line cutters, and serrations. I personally use a system from Wicked Edge to maintain my blades. Always remember that a sharp tool is a safe tool. Maintain your tool for optimum performance and maximum safety.

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