What do you have? Are you motivated or dedicated? Are you a marriage of both? Which pushes you to new heights…or…pulls you up from the deepest lows? These two drivers (or lack thereof) play a determinate role in everything we do. Situationally, they draw on our strengths, but can equally expose our flaws.

Whether it be business or personal life, I believe motivation and dedication are the impetus for a huge percentage of the outcomes we experience. In a perfect world, I think a properly concocted blend of both sets the stage for positivity and overall success. When things are going well, motivation and dedication seem to come relatively easily.

What about when situations aren’t going as expected? What if Murphy’s Law seems to be going a bit overboard?

I believe it is in these times of potential struggle and hardship where one finds their true motivation and/or dedication. I also believe it’s best to have a system in place, so one seamlessly replaces or fills the void of the other when you need it most.

Motivation doesn’t necessarily wake up on the same side of the bed as us each day. That’s where the system of dedication kicks in. Dedication sets the gears in motion and propels us toward positivity and growth. Even if it lags, motivation will eventually make its best effort to catch up with motivation and join the party.

Conversely, a curveball gets thrown at your master plan of dedication, you swing and miss. The wheels just flew off your finely tuned plan. Motivation steps in to pick you up, bolster your spirit, and set the foundation for the building blocks of your new dedication.

Each day is a new challenge. No matter what we try to do, things don’t always go perfectly. If we can convince our motivation and dedication to sync up when they can (and back each other up when they can’t) we all stand a great chance of dominating everything in our paths.