It’s the final day of this year. The next time I write it will be an entirely new year. That may come as early as tomorrow. Even though it will be a new year, it will still only be yesterday. We differentiate time to give it some sense finality, however it is one of the things that is truly continuous with no terminus known. As we give definition to time to create our alpha and omega scenario, we indulge upon the human psyche generating hope for new beginnings with the end of an era. Time is something we’ve tried to calculate and understand since our impetus, but the sheer scale and absurdity of an infinite invisible force is truthfully beyond our capacity to understand (yet we still attempt to harness it!!). The seconds of this dying year tick away as we prepare to let it evolve into nothing but a memory. At the stroke of midnight, a new infant in our time is born ushering in untapped possibility and potential. What we choose to do with this gift is ours and ours alone. I can only hope we are wise.