In baseball the curveball is often times unexpected. Sometimes, even when you expect it, the movement of the ball is still difficult to handle. Occasionally you connect. Often times you swing through nothing but air. With more time, experience, and practice you get better and the curveball is no longer as daunting. Regardless, it deviates from the norm and you must learn to deal with it and overcome.

Things in our daily lives are eerily similar. Things have been going as close to normal as possible for some time. You’ve settled into a comfortable groove and as the shirt says…”Life is Good.”

One day…out of the blue…the curveball comes in hot.

Most likely, at this time, it’s a swing and a miss. You certainly weren’t expecting that pitch today. It might sting. It might be a shot to your ego. It could be devastating. How you react, learn, and step back up to the plate is now vital. There can’t be dwelling on missing that last pitch. It should only serve as motivation to work harder, anticipate better, and make contact on that next pitch.

Don’t let the curveball define you. Use it at a platform to elevate your performance.