The end of one thing always leads to the beginning of another. During these times, it can be easy to forget these new beginnings are on the horizon. Change and evolution are inevitable, and by human nature we are often wired for memories, reminiscence and known comfort. Although certainly important, these memories are in the past. We keep them close to our hearts, but if we choose to remain living in the past, we neglect to allow ourselves full engagement in the adventure of the future. Without ample investment in our entire potential, we shortchange ourselves into giving less than the maximum percentage of effort into the development of our highest capacity.

I’m in the middle of transitioning from my current shop space into a new building under construction allowing for future growth and maximizing upcoming efficiency and production. I’m excited, but as stated before, the human in me is still a little sad as I pack up equipment and tools. During the last four years I’ve crafted hundreds of projects for clients across the globe. I’ve continued to hone my craft and increase the quality my products. I’ve made great new friends, built new business relationships, and have taken steps working towards this new phase of business.

 Fresh starts are exciting. Potential abounds, but that potential is only as good as the drive and motivation one puts behind that potential. Along the way, new experiences are had, while memories build on old memories like a rising wall. Each one reinforces those around it, slowly gaining strength and mass, until a sound structure stands tall crafted to endure generations.

My motivation is strong. My confidence is high. My resolve is stoic. The opportunities before me are endless and inexhaustible. My appetite for success is insatiable and I plan to eat every bite and stack victories brick by brick to overshadow everything I’ve done before.