There are only a few more months until Bladeshow 2018 begins in Atlanta. AW&K has been planning for the show over the past couple weeks and the wheels are really in motion now. A few updates as to where things stand are as follows.

The new Pheer 454 grinder with the 12″ wheel arrived along with a new buffer! After a bit of re-organization and wiring the new system is up in place and ready to start breathing life into steel!! Speaking of steel…all steels have arrived for the build list and have been prepped to begin the arduous task of creating this show along with the current custom client list!!

More products are arriving daily to aid in making this a successful endeavor. Carbon fiber, sheets of G10 with a variety of colors, thermomolding sheet material, fasteners, epoxy and a few others are filling up space in the shop. Soon all of these raw materials will be transformed into working tools of a superior quality.

One item in particular will be a total surprise and not unveiled until it hits the showroom floor in Atlanta in June!!! Curious as to what it will be? Plan on swinging through Atlanta June 1-3 and visiting Adkins Wood & Knife at Bladeshow 2018 to have a firsthand look!!!