It seems like only a few days ago I found out about the acceptance into Bladeshow for this summer. Tons of time…that’s what I thought. Tons of time to get everything accomplished. So much time there will probably be spare time I thought.

Fast forward to today. Those few days have rapidly transitioned into weeks…several of them. With such an important deadline looming I think I still feel good about the progress. Is is where I thought I’d be right now? Perhaps not…but it’s close.

Time is an interesting thing. If never changes…never deviates…yet sometimes it feels as though it’s racing by. Other moments seem to crawl by painstakingly slow. Each of our perceptions of time passing whether in the moment or out of it certainly differs. Time…well…time could care less. It keeps trudging along consistently.

Are we prepared to deal with it?

Only time will tell.