Morning trail hike/run with weighted vest under cover of darkness. Headlamp on. Prepping for fall elk hunt…prepping for a healthy life.

Funny how the mind works…

At the first sign of struggle the mind tells you to slow down. The mind tells you to quit before you have come close to achieving your goal. The mind tells you…”It’s ok.” As the sweat begins to trickle down your face, ever so slightly, the mind reminds you to just stop now and the sweat will not run into your eyes. The mind repeatedly tells you the easy way out is the best way.

The mind…is…WRONG.

You push through the static and nonsense of all notions of an early exit prescribed by the mind and proceed as planned. In fact…you increase the pace. Before long, the mind shifts it’s focus as the body begins to embrace and love the challenge. Speed increases. Sweat pours. You seem to gain more energy the further you push. The mind finally gets on board with the body and sends new messages of motivation instead of pessimism.  You are re-wiring the system. The machine now operates with renewed intensity, efficiency and purpose.

Culminating the finish, you feel good. You feel strong. Clarity is paramount.